Harris County Jury Places Only 20% Liability on WG Client in Personal Injury Case

(April 5, 2023)

Attorneys Nadia Gire and Kerith Willard recently went to trial in the 281st Judicial District Court in Harris County, Texas before Honorable Judge Weems. The personal injury case involved five plaintiffs who required a Spanish-English translator and one co-defendant who was hearing impaired and required an American Sign Language translator.

Throughout the trial, Nadia and Kerith presented a strong case on behalf of our client, diligently cross-examining the plaintiffs and presenting material evidence to the jury. Nadia was particularly effective in discrediting the plaintiffs’ testifying chiropractor while Kerith was able to impeach one plaintiff on multiple occasions.

After two and a half days of trial, the jury returned an 11-1 verdict, placing only 20% liability on WG’s client, a young college student. The co-defendant was found to be at fault for the remaining 80%. In fact, after polling the jury post-trial, the hold-out juror stated that wanted to place 10% blame on WG’s client.

This case involved numerous challenges including the multiple translators and allowing certain evidence to become part of the record. We are incredibly proud of the work that Nadia and Kerith did on this case, and the results speak for themselves.

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