Erline Tattegrain



Erline Tattegrain is a 2018 graduate of St. Louis University School of Law. She attended law school because she has always had a passion for helping and advocating for others. She believes that in order to be a successful advocate, one must have integrity, sound judgment, and professionalism. She has exemplified these qualities continuously throughout her legal career, whether it be in civil or criminal litigation.

In her previous role as a Corporate Staff Attorney for ALTO US, she advocated for over 60 Walgreens’ stores by helping law enforcement and Asset Protection analyze and investigate Organized Retail Crime. She was able to recover over $25,000 in restitution from one of Walgreens’ most wanted criminals. Her time as a Public Defender and participating in mock trial competitions, trial advocacy, and various legal internships, gave her ample opportunity to practice her craft of public speaking. She gained essential skills such as active listening, interpreting verbal and non-verbal cues, and the art of forming a persuasive, cohesive argument. Her negotiation skills combined with her ability to deeply empathize with diverse groups of people, equips her to excel in conflict resolution.

Prior to law school, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration from Western Illinois University. On her free time, she enjoys taking weekend trips out of state, listening to music (Afrobeats & DayTime Disco), and reviewing new restaurants and lounges on Yelp/Google.