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We offer a complete range of legal services from coverage to transportation liability, from commercial litigation to appellate law. Through hard work and teamwork, we are able to successfully accomplish any client’s business goals and objectives.

What We Do

Our goal is to focus on your business objectives and provide results-oriented legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner. We have developed strong practices in a number of critical areas, including the following:

Business &
Commercial Litigation

WG’s team includes seasoned business and commercial litigators with wide-ranging experience in successful representation of clients in a plethora of commercial disputes. Matters ranging from complex multi-party disputes to contractual matters are readily handled. Because our attorneys are trained in a wide range

Our in-depth commercial litigation experience includes:

Business & Commercial Litigation

Business and commercial litigation encompasses a wide range of legal disputes arising within the corporate and commercial sectors. This field of law deals with conflicts that may arise between businesses, individuals, or government entities regarding various business-related matters. Common issues include breach of contract, shareholder disputes, intellectual property disputes, employment disputes, antitrust violations, and regulatory compliance matters. Business and commercial litigation involves resolving these conflicts through legal processes, such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation in court.


From the initial contract negotiation stage to project close-out and dispute resolution, Wilkins PLLC’s Construction Practice attorneys have handled numerous aspects of construction projects, small, medium and large-scale, across the United States. Combining our expertise in the construction industry coupled with the legal field, we create real-world and effective solutions for our client based on their needs.

Wilkins represents clients in all sectors of the construction industry:

Family Law

Family law is a specialized legal field that addresses matters related to family relationships and domestic issues. It encompasses a broad spectrum of issues, including divorce, child custody and visitation, spousal support, property division, adoption, and paternity disputes. Family lawyers work to navigate emotionally charged situations, providing legal guidance and representation to clients during difficult times. They assist in negotiating settlements, drafting legal documents, and, when necessary, litigating cases in court. Family law also extends to issues such as domestic violence, restraining orders, and prenuptial agreements.

General Liability and
Catastrophic Injury

Wilkins PLLC assists clients in all aspects of general liability and catastrophic injury claims, from recommendations regarding preventative actions, initial case assessment through trial.

Wilkins represents a variety of general liability and catastrophic injury clients:

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Insurance Coverage 

Wilkins PLLC has an unparalleled understanding of the myriad of insurance coverage issues for insurers in both first-party and third-party matters. Our coverage team has successfully represented multi-million dollar clients in actions that have yielded impressive results in an expedited amount of time. Our team works with clients on a case by case basis, providing deep analysis, legal framework, knowledge of opposing counsels and courts to masterfully communicate coverage matters to both insureds and insurers. Our extensive knowledge includes evaluation of virtually all lines of insurance including review of multiple policies, multiple claim and losses, multiple jurisdictions and multiple layers of coverage. Our attorneys will participate in coverage actions beginning from notice of the loss through declaratory judgment actions and appeals.

Our coverage practice areas include:

Insurance Litigation

The attorneys at Wilkins PLLC have the breadth of knowledge to provide top-tier representation of insurers in complex coverage and bad faith disputes for personal and commercial lines insurance, including first-party and third-party policies. In the past, our attorneys have served as national coordinating counsel, local counsel or lead counsel in some of the largest coverage cases in the United States.

Wilkins PLLC attorneys have consistently been nationally recognized for their expertise in the insurance world by relaying deep knowledge and insight into various matters bearing in mind time-sensitivity, urgency and cost-effectiveness.

Labor & Employment

Wilkins PLLC Labor & Employment attorneys handle ever-evolving field of employment litigation. Our team has experience with claims of discrimination, harassment, violations of wage and hours, defamation, noncompete clause violations, and wrongful discharge. WG attorneys appear in federal and state courts, before arbitrators and agencies and departments, for example, EEOC, Internal Revenue Service, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Department of Labor, the Texas Workforce Commission.

Labor and employment matters are analyzed early to provide comprehensive risk assessments and identify key issues to relay strategic solutions with minimal harmful exposure to clients.


Mediation is a quick, informal, cost-effective, and confidential way to settle many types of disputes and avoid expensive litigation.

Greg C. Wilkins has experience in matters ranging from insurance disputes to complicated, multi-party actions. He has achieved incredible results through a fair and efficient mediation process.

If you are seeking a mediation or more information, please email

Product Liability

Professional Liability

Wilkins PLLC’s Professional Liability Practice team has experience defending insurance brokers, architects, engineers and other industry professional against an array of claims, such as breach of contract, errors and omissions and malpractice.
Clients receive services in the form of advisory counseling up until trial and

Wilkins represents the following professionals:


The attorneys of Wilkins PLLC’s Transportation Practice are considerably engaged in the defense of the trucking industry by representing transportation brokers, transportation carriers, freight carriers, truck insurers, public entities and long and short haul truckers engaged in both interstate and intra-state transportation. Our transportation clients have enjoyed excellent case results through our handling of their matters.

Wilkins attorneys have extensive trial and litigation experience and have dealt with a broad collection of issues relating to the transportation and trucking industry such as DOT compliance, accident reconstruction, negligent hiring and retention and Engine Control Module (ECM). Our attorneys can readily respond to your needs in a compliant and efficient manner. Further, our firm stays knowledgeable about developments in this industry for small fleets, large fleets and owner-operators through continuing education, seminars and regular case law and statute review.

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Local Counsel &
Expert Attorney Services

Wilkins PLLC is proud to provide local counsel services to out-of-state law firms and companies in both state and federal court throughout Texas, including the Texas Supreme Court, and United States District Courts of Texas. Our Firm’s experience and familiarity with local court systems, jurisdictions, judges, opposing counsels, opposing clients, local rules, network of resources, and high level of success makes us a leading choice for many firms across the country who desire experienced co-counsel with the know-how to assist on a variety of matters with high-quality representation and stellar results.

Wilkins PLLC attorneys also provide expert services in the legal field by testifying to attorney’s fees for specific cases.

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