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Recent Nevada Legislative Session Introduces Noteworthy Change to Nevada Insurance Code

by: Nadia I. Gire The 82nd session and 35th special session of the Nevada Legislature made a significant amendment during its latest legislative session, bringing……

Texas Supreme Court Rejects Arbitrary Approach to Noneconomic Damages and Overturns $16.8M Jury Award

by: Nadia I. Gire On June 16, 2023, the Supreme Court of Texas issued a significant ruling in Gregory v. Chohan, No. 21-0017 with respect……

2023 Texas Supreme Court Case Affirms Additional Insured Coverage

The Texas Supreme Court ruled in favor of ExxonMobil Corporation in its dispute with National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA….

Do Texas Courts Allow Coverage for Exemplary Damages?

by: Nadia I. Gire The Supreme Court of Texas in Fairfield Ins. Co. v. Stephens Martin Paving, LP, 246 S.W.3d 653, 670 (Tex. 2008) held……


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