Recent Nevada Legislative Session Introduces Noteworthy Change to Nevada Insurance Code

by: Nadia I. Gire The 82nd session and 35th special session of the Nevada Legislature made a significant amendment during its latest legislative session, bringing about a noteworthy change. Insurance contracts in Nevada are governed by the Nevada Insurance Code. Amendment No. 288 to Bill No. 398 now prohibits insurers from issuing or renewing liability […]

Do Texas Courts Allow Coverage for Exemplary Damages?

by: Nadia I. Gire The Supreme Court of Texas in Fairfield Ins. Co. v. Stephens Martin Paving, LP, 246 S.W.3d 653, 670 (Tex. 2008) held that public policy in Texas does not prohibit insurance coverage of exemplary damages for gross negligence. The Court laid down a two-step process to decide the issue based on a […]